Water Utilities

Water Treatment Plant

Bill Dobie
Chief Operator

Telephone: 315-589-3781
Water Billing/Final Reads:  315-589-8100 (Town Clerk’s Office)

Water Distribution

 Randy Hess
Outside Distribution Foreman

Phone: 315-589-9481
Cell: (585) 424-0409

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Telephone: 315-589-9371
Fax Number: 315-589-8271

Water Utilities Posts & Updates

Water Service Line Inventory Notice

The Town of Williamson is conducting an inventory of customer waterlines in order to comply with  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.  The letter linked below will be mailed out in a blue envelope to residents in certain areas of town over the coming weeks.  Your prompt completion of the survey will be appreciated.  If you don’t receive a letter, the information for your home is already on file and you DO NOT need to complete the survey.  Any questions should be directed to Bill Dobie, Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator, at 315-589-3781.

Service Inv Ltr Nov23.pdf

New Water Rates


Effective with the April 2020 billing, the new water rates will be as follows:

0-6,000 gallons – Min. $30.00

Over 6,000 gallons will remain the same at $3.80 per thousand gallons.

By Order of the Town Board Dated October 8, 2019

Williamson Town Clerk, Marlene A. Gulick

What to Do After a Water Main Break

If water appears cloudy, faucets should be flushed by running a tap at the highest point in your residence.  It may take a few minutes to clear out.  If it doesn’t, call the Water Treatment Plant at 589-3781 and alert them.

A boil water advisory would generally be the result of a bacteria problem, not a water main break.  It would be issued through the NYS Health Department and put on radio, television news media, and the Town website.

Williamson Water Utilities is comprised of three separate divisions:

Williamson Water Treatment Plant, Williamson Water Distribution and the Williamson Wastewater Treatment Facility and Collection System.

The three departments fall under the guidance of the Highway Superintendent and are managed by separate supervisors. All of the supervisors currently hold certifications that the Water Department and the Wastewater Department operate under through the New York State Department of Health and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. All the employees hold certifications to operate the various facilities as well as working on the distribution mains, services and collection system. The employees have to attend classes to retain and update their certifications; this keeps the departments aware of any new technologies, techniques and regulations within the water/wastewater industries.

The Water Utilities responds to any and all problems that may develop in the two distinct systems. This would include main and service breaks, repairs and replacements of water and wastewater mains, installing and repair of equipment, meter reading and repair, inspections, maintenance of buildings and grounds owned by the Town, planning and operational strategies and many other things. Although there are separate departments within the Williamson Water Utilities, all the department personnel work together on daily operations, emergencies and various functions in the different departments. The Water Utilities are closely associated with the Town’s Highway Department and aids them in emergencies as well.

Equipment and other departmental necessities are ordered following the Town’s procurement protocols and the Departments maintain stock on various repair and replacement parts for emergencies. The departments keep and maintain maps and other related documents concerning water/wastewater installations. They also keep associations with other local Towns for emergency situations through WARN, NYRWA, AWWA and NYWEA.

Information about the Water System is discussed during the Town of Williamson Board meetings held at the Town Hall located at 6380 Rt. 21 every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.

All Town residents are encouraged and welcome to attend.