Watershed Management Committee



Rick Vos
Mark Hermenet

Town Board Member

Gary Orbaker

Highway Superintendent

Kurt Allman

Drainage Control Code: http://www.ecode360.com/12931522


2019 Minutes
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2018 Minutes
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2016 Minutes
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2015 Minutes

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2014 Minutes

2013 Minutes

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2010 Minutes

Excerpt from Town of Williamson Code Book, Chapter 81, Drainage Control

It is the purpose and intent of this chapter to protect the Town of Williamson and its residents from the adverse effects of storm water runoff caused by the modification of existing drainage systems during construction, reconstruction, development or improvement on one or more parcels of land, or by modification for any other purpose.

The adverse effects include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Increased rate, quantity, velocity of stone drainage, soil movement or erosion, sediment accumulation and flows caused by but not limited to:
    • A decrease in area of soil able to absorb water, due to construction or reconstruction of streets, buildings and parking lots.
    • Change in volume, velocity and duration of water concentration caused by altering the steepness, distance and surface roughness.
    • The obstruction of stream and channel flow by construction or reconstruction, backfilling, excavating and refuse disposal.
    • The removal of surface vegetation prior to or during construction and development without proper precautions in place.