Town Historian

Perry Howland 2007

Perry Howland

Phone: 315-589-8012 EXT. 3

Mission of the Town of Williamson Historian

The Town of Williamson Historian maintains archival records and artifacts pertaining to the history of the town, collects and preserves materials relating to the history of the Town of Williamson and shall call to the attention of the local authorities and the county and state historian any material of local historic value which should be acquired for preservation. To the best of his ability he shall promote the establishment and improvement of programs for the management and preservation of local government records with enduring value for historical or other research; encourage the coordinated collection and preservation of nongovernmental historical records by libraries, historical societies, and other repositories; and carry out and actively encourage research in such records in order to add to the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the town’s history.

Town of Williamson Historical Files

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