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Building-Zoning Office Description




The goal of the Town of Williamson Building and Zoning Office is to ensure public safety in all buildings and grounds. The function of the office is:

  • Enforcing Town of Williamson Code as well as New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
  • Reviewing all plans for building permits to ensure compliance with building code and
  • Inspecting the work performed under each building permit
  • Issuing Certificates of Occupancy/Compliance for each project completed according
  • Performing fire safety inspections in public buildings
  • Answering any building, zoning, and planning related questions
NYS Division of Building Standards and Codes
NYS Division of Building Standards and Codes
Ensures the Health, Safety and Resilience of the Built Environment for all New Yorkers. The Division of Building Standards and Codes (BSC) administers the mandatory statewide Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code) and State Energy Conservation Construction Code (Energy Code).  The Division provides a variety of services related to the Uniform Code and Energy Code.  It provides technical assistance, administers variances, delivers educational courses, oversees the enforcement practices of local governments and serves as secretariat to the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council.  The Albany Central Office and eleven regional offices throughout the state provide regional service to elected officials and local code enforcement personnel regarding general requirements for code enforcement.  The Division program was created by Chapter 707 of the Laws of 1981.  The New York Legislature enacted Article 18 of the Executive Law, directing the formulation of a Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code).  The Uniform Code is designed to cover new construction, building rehabilitation, fire safety, and housing maintenance.
Building Permit Requirements

In accordance with Williamson Town Code, a building permit is required for:

  • erecting or installing a new structure
  • adding to or expanding an existing structure
  • altering or improving an existing structure
  • removing or demolishing an existing structure
  • changing the use or occupancy of an existing structure
  • installing a plumbing, electrical, heating or ventilation system, or components to an existing system
  • installing a swimming pool or hot tub
  • erecting a fence

In accordance with Williamson Town Code, a building permit application must include:

  • the application form, completely filled out and signed by the applicant
  • a plot plan, drawn to scale, showing location and size of all proposed new construction, the location of all existing structures on the site, distances from lot lines, the relationship of structures on adjacent property, widths and grades of adjoining streets, walks and alleys, watercourses, easements and utilities on the property
  • duplicate copies of building plans and specifications which show the size of all proposed new construction, describe the nature and character of the work to be performed and all materials to be incorporated, and, where required by the Building Inspector, the details of structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, including computations, stress diagrams and other essential data.
  • the required permit fee
  • Worker’s Comp and Liability insurances from the contractor, if one is being hire. If the contractor is a sole proprietor, a CE-200 is required.

 No permit is necessary when:

  • constructing or installing a playhouse with a maximum area of 144 square feet, on a residential property
  • constructing a retaining wall (unless such wall supports a surcharge or impounds Class I, II or IIIA liquids)
  • installing window awnings supported by an exterior wall, on a residential property
  • installing partitions or movable cases which are less than five feet nine inches in height
  • replacing any equipment which does not alter the equipment’s listing or render it inconsistent with the equipment’s original specifications
  • repairs that involve none of the following:
    • removing or cutting away a load-bearing wall or partition or portion thereof, of or any structural beam or load-bearing component
    • removing or changing any required means of egress or rearranging any part of a structure in a manner which affects egress
    • enlarging, altering, replacing or relocating any building system
    • removing from service all or part of a fire protection system for a period of time.
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