“Dump Days” were held on May 4th, 5th and 6th for the town. During the 3 days, there were over 1600 vehicles that brought electronics, tires and general junk.  Thank you to the town employees that worked the 3 days to make everything run smoothly and to help residents.

There has been some discussions about grant money that the town has received.  In the past 7 years since I have been Supervisor the town has brought in a little more than 5 million dollars in grant money. The biggest grant came in for the water plant upgrades, at 3 million, the fluoride portion was $505,540, the REDI portion was $260,000 and that was to install a valve for the prevention of flooding in the water plant during high water levels in the lake.

Grant money was approved in 2015 for the lodge expansion at the town park.  It took until 2019 to get the money through the State red tape.  The award was $100,000.00. The lodge expansion cost the town $169,415 with the balance coming out of the General fund.

The new water plant construction in Pultneyville is ongoing.  The schedule shows substantial completion in August of 2023 with completion in October of 2023.  With the 3 million grant money, the 3 million dollars from the water reserve fund, that leaves an approximate balance of 7 million dollars to be bonded over 38 years.  The Town Board has made the decision to place the bond cost on the tax bill under special district.  At this time we are estimating less than 100 dollars a year per charge.  The Town could have put the bond cost as a quarterly cost but chose not to. I would encourage Williamson residents to reach out to residents of other towns to verify that they are paying for Capital Improvements.  The Town of Williamson is very proud to keep the water rates lower than any of the surrounding municipalities.

Highway Report
Spring/Summer 2023

  • From Eaton Road to RR tracks/Route 104 (per State budget being passed)
    • Replace cross culverts where needed.
    • Start roadside mowing.
    • In-place recycle Salmon Creek Road.
  • 4-way stop to Williamson/Marion line. (per State budget being passed)
  • Chip seal both of these roads 2 weeks later.
  • Fiber mat entire length of Salmon Creek, Eaton Road and our portion of Eddy Ridge (per State budget being passed).
  • Mill and fill with hot mix where needed.
  • Haul all materials for road projects.
  • In-kind services to other dept. and towns if needed.
  • Any other misc. projects that may arise.
  • Please be aware of ANY: work zone- Safety first

At the May Town Board meeting, the board approved the “Volunteer Fireman/Ambulance Workers Tax Exemption”.  This exemption was approved by the state in 2022.  It allows for a 10% reduction in a volunteer Fireman’s or Ambulance workers assessed value of their primary residence.  There are some other requirements such as being an active member.  The Town of Williamson has approved this.  I anticipate the County also approving this.  The town sent the information to the Williamson School District, which will have to approve it.

Another item to note is the county wide ambulance. The County Board of Supervisors approved the formation of a county wide ambulance service. In the past few years, approximately 1/2 of the local municipal ambulances have gone out of business with a few others getting ready to close their doors. The Board of Supervisors made the decision to start a county wide ambulance as a safety net for Wayne County residents. The first ambulance base is designed and located on county property in Lyons, set to start operations July 1, 2023. The next base will be in Sodus.  Two more bases are planned in the Eastern part of the county and one more in the western part of the