Receiver of Taxes

Marlene Gulick



Town and County taxes are collected in the Town Clerk’s Office in January, February & March. For Town tax information call (315) 589-8100. For unpaid taxes after March 31st call the Wayne County Treasurer at (315) 946-7443, additional information on paid/unpaid taxes can be found on the county’s web site at (click on taxes).

The Town & County tax bill may be paid with cash, check written out to “Marlene A. Gulick, Receiver of Taxes”, or with a credit card in person or credit card online with a convenience fee.

The Town Clerk’s Office does not collect Williamson Central School taxes. The School taxes are collected by Cole Income Tax Service at 589-8441 in September & October. For school tax information any other time call the School District office at 589-9661.