The Town of Williamson will be conducting a dog enumeration (census) beginning August 1, 2024.  As required by Article 7 of New York State Agriculture & Markets Law, any dog 4 months of age or older must be licensed in the Town they are sheltered in.  Please license your dog(s) at the Town Clerk’s Office.  This can be done in person or by mail by including the following:

  • Current rabies vaccination certification
  • Proof of spay/neuter (if applicable)
  • Check payable to Williamson Town Clerk

The fees prior to the enumeration per dog are $10.00 spayed/neutered and $20.00 for unspayed/unneutered.

Once the enumeration begins, an additional enumeration fee of $5.00 will be charged for any dog not licensed before August 1st.

By Order of the Town Board
Dated:  July 9, 2024
Suzanne Brennessel, Town Clerk