A Public Hearing before the Planning Board of the Town of Williamson will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, at 7:30 P.M. to consider the following application(s):
Application for Subdivision of Land approval per Town of Williamson, Town Code Section 152.8.  Applicant, John White, West Main Street Realty Co., 1129 Cross River Drive, Riverhead, NY, wishes to subdivide a 80.8 acre parcel into 5 lots.  Parcel 1, 1.107 acres; Parcel 2, 9.367 acre flag lot; Parcel 3, 6.9 acres and includes existing house; Parcel 4, 2.318 acres; Parcel 5, remaining 61.163 acres.  Two lots to front on Ridge Road for future home sites.  Parcel 5 has a 60’ wide strip for future development.  Property is owned by the applicant and is located at 2871 Ridge Road, Williamson, NY.  Property is zoned A-1 (Agricultural).

Questions regarding the above application(s) can be directed to 315-589-0036 or by email buildinginspector@towilliamson.com.

Jane Willis, Chair
Planning Board