Many of us just paid our Town and County taxes. School and Library taxes are paid in September.  Occasionally, I hear from residents that our “taxes” are too high.  I don’t disagree with that statement and did some research that I would like to share with you.

The property taxes a home owner in Williamson pays are made up of Town, County, School and Library taxes. There are two specific functions that Town tax is for: the  Highway Department (maintenance of roads, ditches, paving and plowing etc.) and Town Services, (Town Clerk, Town Court, Code Enforcement, Parks etc.).  The Town portion of the total tax bill a home owner pays is 9%, Williamson’s Town tax rate of $3.36 per thousand is the third lowest in the county. Wolcott Town taxes are the lowest, excluding the Village. Ontario is the second lowest (Ontario has a Payment in Lieu of Taxes agreement with Ginna), and Williamson is third. This information is from the County Web site and is posted on the Town web site.

The County portion of a home owner’s tax bill is 21%. The County functions include Medicaid, Probation, Child Welfare services, Department of Social Services, and many others.  According to the County Budget personnel, 97.96% of the amount raised by Wayne County taxes are for services that are mandated by New York State, meaning the County has to provide these services.  In some cases the state or federal government reimburses the county for all or a portion of the county cost.  For example, in 2016 the Department of Social Services budget was $35,416,705.00. Of that amount the county received $17,687,993.00 from New York State and the Federal government in reimbursements. That leaves $19,447,627.00 that Wayne County has to raise by tax.

A Williamson home owner pays 9% of their total taxes for town services, 21% for County services, 3% for the Library services and 67% for the school. Williamson School taxes are the third highest in the County behind Gananda and Palmyra/Macedon. To add context to this, if a home owner is paying taxes on a $100,000 house the total yearly tax would be $3,652.00 dollars. 9% is $336.00, 21% is $775.00, 3% is $105.00, and 67% is $2,436.00.

There are many things going on with the town functions. There is a new drying building being constructed at the wastewater facility. This allows the sludge to dry more efficiently before it is disposed of thus saving money in disposal costs. The Town Board has approved the engineering firm of MRB to design and prepare bid documents for upgrades to the water treatment plant. These upgrades include a computer system that will be used to monitor plant and system conditions and make adjustments. The Highway Department has started planning for 2018 and 2019 road work.