About once a month I get a call or someone stops in to discuss building/construction issues, whether it is regarding building permit requirements or fire code regulations. The building inspector is the only person who can issue a certificate of occupancy (c/o) or certificate of compliance (c/c).

The c/o or c/c is the document that certifies the building/structure was constructed to all relative building codes and certified by the building inspector. Without a valid c/o, c/c the building cannot be occupied legally.  A building permit may be required when you construct or modify a current or new structure.  Once the building inspector has all the necessary information, building plans, truss limits, etc., he can review the plan to current code to ensure they are acceptable.  I have had people contact me and ask if the building inspector can modify or change the requirements.  The town board does not have the authority to change the New York State code or authorize anything less. A building permit authorizes the building inspector to go through the property that is being built/modified to inspect the work.  When the building inspector is satisfied that the building meets the current building codes, they will issue a c/o or c/c.  The building inspector is attesting that all aspects of the building, structural, electrical, roofing, etc., meet or exceed state and local building code.

The County Highway Dept. will be paving Ridge Road in Williamson sometime before school starts, weather permitting. Also the County Highway Dept. will be replacing culverts on Townline Road.  Please follow all the traffic changes in that area.

I want to thank all of the water department personnel during this extended dry period. The water plant has been running at almost full capacity for a long period of time.

On Wednesday, 9/28/2016, there will be a Citizens Preparedness Corps Training Program held at the Town Complex in the Court Room starting at 6:30 p.m.  All participants must register at

The bridge over Salmon Creek on Salmon Creek Road has been replaced. Thanks to the Highway and Water personnel that made it happen so efficiently.