Highway Department

Superintendent of Highways

Kurt Allman
Office Phone: (315) 589-2874
Cell: (585) 748-6931
Fax Number: 315-589-8145


The Williamson Highway Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of approximately 47.59 miles of centerline roads that are owned by the municipality.  In the winter, we plow the approximately 28.97 miles of county roads.  We do not plow state roads.

The department at times will assist other departments in town when they are in need of equipment or additional personnel. We also do in-kind services with Wayne County, other towns in the county, and even the state if needed.

Maps of State and County roads in Williamson:

Highway Department Updates & Notifications

Information on In-Kind Services

Sometimes called shared services, highway departments in Wayne County and including Wayne County Highway Department are all a tight knit group.  They help each other when needed whether it be trucking, equipment or manpower.  We all perform in-kind services on many...

Planned Summer Highway Work

Fibermat with 3/8" stone for wear surface on Church Road, Pound Road, King Street, Sunset Lane and Fernaays Street.  Let stone set then will have Wayne County come and sweep to remove loose stone.  Church Road and Pound Road will then be fogsealed and striped. Hot mix...

Update from the Highway Superintendent

So far this spring we have in-place recycled two roads:  Fisher Road from Lake Road to Putnam Road, and East Shepherd Road from Stoneylonesome Road to Salmon Creek Road.  Those roads have also been chipsealed. West Eddy Road from Eddy Ridge to Ridge Chapel Road has...

Mailbox Notice

Just a friendly reminder regarding your mailboxes.  Now is the time to take advantage of the weather and replace or repair your mailbox and/or post.  If it appears cracked or rotted, you may want to replace it before winter weather can break it completely.  Often the...

Free Mulch Available

There will be free mulch available to Town of Williamson residents at the landfill on Pound Road Saturdays from 8 am to noon beginning Saturday, May 20, 2017.  Mulch must be hand loaded only - no equipment loading.  It is for residential use only - no contractors.