This spring, the town applied for a grant that supported the Baldwin Richardson Foods expansion. In August, the New York State Office of Community Renewal, (OCR) awarded the grant. The requirements are that Baldwin Richardson buys equipment estimated at more than three million ($3,000,000).  Due to the new equipment, at least 30 new jobs must be created.  Baldwin Richardson has submitted the request for the new equipment and has been actively recruiting personnel for the new jobs.  The new equipment is expected to be operational in early 2018.  This is very exciting for Williamson and is the biggest expansion in town in many years.

It is budget time again. The Town Board reviews each item in the budget each year.  The Town Board had 2 meetings to review all the Department budgets and the items within them.  I am pleased to say that the 2018 Town of Williamson tax rate will be $3.36369, which is a reduction of $.00498 per thousand from last year.  There are two portions of the town budget: 1) General Fund and 2) Highway Fund.  New York State law dictates how and what can be charged to certain areas.  Highway monies have to be spent on highway issues.  The General Fund includes Town Clerk, Courts, Building, Assessing, Town Supervisor, Animal Control, Historian and Parks.  The General Fund costs went up $56,665 from last year.  Most of the increases were the following:  $15,000 Parks, $10,000 for new scanning equipment for SARA Records management, $15,000 for parking lot maintenance (the Town maintains 4 parking lots).  A full-time Building Inspector cost an additional $25,000.  The Highway Fund went up $20,713, and employee benefits went up approximately $11,326.

I want to thank the Highway Department for the new sidewalk on the South East side of the Town Complex. This completes the paved surface around the Town Complex.

In the past few months the Town Board has passed 3 amended Local Laws, Watershed Management, Parks and Peddling. The Watershed Management law has been a work in progress for over a year. Changes were made to the Watershed Management Council, the purpose of the Council, when and how tax credits are received and use of an engineer to perform analysis in most cases.

The parks law was modified as recommended by the Parks Committee. The hours of operation changed and will be posted at the Park entrance and on the Town website.

The peddling law was changed to clarify the purpose.  More specifically the intent is to have persons/businesses that are selling items door to door to come to the Town Clerk’s office for a permit.