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Property Under Review – Zoning Board

At their July 27, 2017 meeting the Zoning Board of Appeals will review Appeal No. 867: Genesee Land Trust of 46 Prince St., Suite LL005, Rochester, NY.  Applicant is requesting an area variance to install a sign.  Property is owned by Genesee Land Trust and is located...

Highway Update

Roads that have been sealed/chip sealed - Brasser, Eddy Ridge, Congdon and Lakewood Estates - will be striped within the next two weeks. Town highway personnel are working on roadside mowing, roadside ditching and culvert replacements.

May 2017

On April 17, I declared a State of Emergency (SOE) in the Town of Williamson. I did this, along with the other 4 lakeshore towns, Ontario, Sodus, Huron and Wolcott.  The SOE allows the issuance of emergency orders and supports the County’s and New York State of...

April 2017

The Town of Williamson Water Department has been awarded the 2015 Water Quality Award from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This award recognizes public water systems that were able to maintain a consistent optimal level of fluoridation in...

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