The Town of Williamson is applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CBDG). The CDBG is Federal money that is administered through New York State.  The grant will be for Economic Development activities that Baldwin Richardson Foods is conducting.  Baldwin Richardson will be adding manufacturing equipment and at least 30 new positions at their facility in East Williamson.  The money would be awarded for the job creation and would require the company to keep the jobs for a period of at least 2 years.  A municipality is required to apply for the grant.  With the expansion of the East Williamson facility, the company intends to increase the use of the railroad and reduce the truck traffic into and out of the facility on Route 104.  The truck traffic is estimated to be reduced by as much as 80%.  This is a huge expansion for Baldwin Richardson Foods.  New York State and the Wayne County Industrial Development Corporation have been involved in the process.

The Wayne County Board of Elections is seeking residents interested in being election inspectors. Questions can be directed to the Wayne County Board of Elections at 315-946-7400.

The town-wide reassessment of properties is continuing. Residents may see someone from the Town Assessor’s Office taking pictures of properties in town.  All personnel from the Town performing the reassessment will have picture identification cards.

Last year we experienced two barn fires due to heat lamps. Several other local communities have had similar issues.  Heat lamps are typically used to warm small animals such as ducks and chickens.  A few preventative tips – don’t use cheap, poorly made lamps. Use hard glass bulbs and secure the lamps as if they were permanent.  You may need to upgrade the breaker panel. Also, put a smoke detector and fire extinguisher nearby.  Review your insurance to verify that you have the correct coverage.

2017 is the 150th anniversary of Gates Hall in Pultneyville.  There are plans to have a special performance to celebrate this achievement.  John Westerberg is coordinating the efforts and can be reached at 585-589-2049 if you would like to become involved or have questions.