Williamson Supervisor’s Column

Anthony Verno

Well the first few weeks of 2016 are over. It has been pretty busy, beginning with organization meetings at the Town and County.  An organization meeting sets everything from the scheduling of meetings to committee assignments.  At the Town level Town Board members are assigned certain functions within the town.  A list of Town Board members and their assignment can be found in the “Organizational Meeting” posted on the Town website.

I have been assigned to the Public Safety, Public Works and Human Services Committees at the County. The County Committees meet during the first week of the month.  The Committees review all the resolution/actions that will be presented to the full board of Supervisors.  The committee reviews, discusses and then recommends actions to go to the full board for approval.

It has been very surprising to me how many services are provided at the County level. Many of these services are mandated by New York State.

The second phase of Solarize Williamson has started. The town has received a grant from NYSERDA to promote a community based solar program.  If there is enough interest a “solar farm” would be established and interested participants can “buy into” the solar farm.  Everyone can participate in the community solar program, residents, businesses, and schools.  The Public Informational meeting will be held on Thursday, February 25, from 6:30 p.m until 8:30 p.m. at the Williamson Middle School auditorium.   I encourage everyone to attend and listen to the presentation.

A meeting was held on February 12 with many different Wayne County Town Supervisors, Wayne County Water Authority, and MRB Associates to discuss the potential of a Regional Water Storage Facility. Some towns, such as Williamson, have water thru the entire town.  There are other towns in Wayne County that are not as fortunate to have town wide fresh water.  There are a few towns that are currently installing water districts in certain areas.  To improve the network a Regional Water Storage Facility would better serve multiple towns.  This is in the preliminary stages and there will be more meetings to follow.

This has been my first few weeks as Town Supervisor. I appreciate all the people who stopped in or sent me notes wishing me well.

We need to recognize a Town Highway employee, Scott Flora, and a local resident, Jared VanKouwenberg, for their life saving actions during the morning of February 13. These two individuals braved the cold and snow to rescue a person who accidentally ended up in Lake Ontario.  Without their efforts the situation could have resulted in a fatality.

I am typically at the town Hall everyday-but my schedule varies. Please stop in or call 589-2038 to check.  If you would like to schedule an appointment call Valarie Fowler at 589-2038 ext. 2.