In 2018 the Town Board authorized upgrades to the water treatment plant.  Phase I of the water plant upgrades include an electronic monitoring system, new filters and pumps.  The cost of Phase I is approximately 1 million dollars. This phase will be funded out of the water fund reserve and is scheduled to be completed in mid 2019.  Once Phase I is completed, the Town will “bid out” the balance of the plant upgrades known as Phase II.  Phase II is currently being engineered and is estimated to cost approximately 7.5 million.  The good news is, thus far, the Town has been awarded 3.5 million dollars in grant money from different state agencies for the upgrades.  The Town has 3 million in fund balance and the remaining amount will be bonded.  The plant was built in 1914 with additions made in 1942, 1956 and 1983.  There have been some upgrades over the years, but nothing to bring the plant up to current regulations and standards.

In 2014 former State Senator Nozzolio, granted the town a $100,000 award to add an addition on the lodge at the Town Park.  The money is for materials and equipment.  The labor is mostly donated by local residents as was done to complete the current lodge.  The award has been caught up in New York State red tape since 2014.  With the help of Senator Helming’s office and the persistence of the Town Supervisor’s Secretary, Val Fowler, I am pleased to announce the contract with the state was signed in early December.  The Town Park Committee has the project plan ready to go and work is scheduled to start in late spring of 2019.  Information on volunteering for the project will be added to the Town website when available.

In 2018 the Town Board hired a professional planning firm, Sterling Planning Services, to update the Town Comprehensive (Master) Plan.  In October the Town Board advertised for volunteers to be part of the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  This committee will recommend changes and updates to the current plan for approval by the Town Board. Robert Peters, Tom Watson, Alex Bean and Mike Orr have volunteered and were appointed to the committee.  The draft plan should be completed in 2019 and adopted in 2020.

The property taxes for a home owner in Williamson are made up of Town, County, School and Library taxes. A Williamson home owner pays 9.3% of their total taxes for town services, 21.3% for County services 2.8% for Library services and 66.6% for the Williamson School District.  Williamson School taxes are the third highest in the County behind Gananda and Palmyra-Macedon.  To add context to this, if a home owner is paying taxes on a $100,000 house the total yearly tax would be 37.07 per thousand which equals $3,707.00 dollars.   This would average out to 9.3 is $344.75, 21.3% is $789.59, 2.8% is $103.80 and 66.6% is $2,468.86. There are two specific functions that Town tax is for: the Highway Department (maintenance of roads, ditches, paving and plowing, etc.) and Town Services, (Town Clerk, Town Court, Code Enforcement, Parks, etc.).  Williamson’s Town tax rate is $3.43 per thousand and is the third lowest in the county.  Wolcott Town taxes are the lowest, excluding the village.  Ontario is the second lowest (Ontario has a Payment in Lieu of Taxes agreement with Ginna), and Williamson is third.  This information is from the County Web site and is also posted on the Town web site.  Tax rates listed here are rounded 2 digits from the decimal point, actual rates charged are extended 6 digits from the decimal point.