County Clerk Mike Jankowski Announces evening hours for Passports and Pistol Permit Processing

Release Date:           September 6, 2019

Contact:                     Mike Jankowski

(315) 946-7470

Today Wayne County Clerk Mike Jankowski announced that the County Clerk’s Office will be holding two nights of special evening hours until 7PM to process Passport Applications and Pistol Permits.

The Evening hours will be at the County Clerk’s Office, 9 Pearl Street, Lyons, NY 14489 on:

Tuesday September 24, 2019

Tuesday October 22, 2019

County Clerk Jankowski especially encouraged Wayne County Residents to take advantage of these clinics to help keep their money in Wayne County.  Whenever someone applies for a passport through one of the national agencies, the entire $135 application fee goes to Washington.

When a resident applies for a passport at the office of the County Clerk $35 of the $135 application fee stays in Wayne County as local revenue and is used to offset local property taxes.  As Mr. Jankowski emphasized “every dollar counts!”

Remember that it is only through the office of the county clerk that a portion of the application fee is kept local.