Williamson Supervisor’s Column

Anthony Verno

At the March 8th Town Board meeting the Town Board approved a resolution to allow the Town Assessor to apply for State Funding to help offset the costs of a town wide reassessment of taxable properties.  This will be done to maintain uniform standards with Section 305 of the Real Property Tax Law.

The Town Assessor will be reviewing all town properties during 2016, 2017 to have a new updated tax role completed by 2017. The last town wide assessment was completed in 2010.  Our current equalization rate is 93.75% and it is recommended by the State to be above 95%.

Many of you know that the Town of Williamson has its own Water Treatment Plant that supplies fresh/drinking water to the entire town. Last year the plant produced 560,645,392 gallons.  Much of the water is sold to local businesses and other municipalities.  The Town Board is currently considering upgrades to some of the system including the main pump station and storage capabilities.  The Board is also reviewing the addition of fluoride in the drinking water.  It has been added to the Williamson water since 1990.  If the Town Board decides to change anything there will be a public meeting to discuss it.

The Town of Williamson’s newest Eagle Scout is Roy James Hooper from Troop 125. He was awarded the highest rank in Boy Scouting at a Court of Honor on February 24, 2016, Congratulations.  Thank you to the Pultneyville Fire Company for inviting me to their annual banquet on March 5, 2016.  The event was held at Young Sommer Winery.  Congratulations to the Pultneyville Fireman of the year, Tom Gossin and the Responder of the year, Mike Miller.

Reminder: There is a NYS DEC Burn Ban in effect from March 16, 2016 to May 14, 2016.  During this time no open burning is allowed.  There are some exceptions, check with the DEC for details.

Lastly, it is that time of year where people are starting to walk, run and bike on local roads. Per Article 27, Section 1156: Pedestrians on roadways.  a. Where sidewalks are provided and they may be used with safety it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway.  (b) Where sidewalks are not provided any pedestrian walking along and upon a highway shall when practicable walk only on the left side of the roadway or its shoulder facing traffic which may approach from the opposite direction. Upon the approach of any vehicle from the opposite direction, such pedestrian shall move as far left as practicable. Per Article 34, Section 1234: Riding on roadways, shoulders, and bicycle lanes. (a) Upon all roadways, any bicycle shall be driven either on a usable bicycle lane or, if a usable bicycle has not been provided, near the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway or upon a usable right-hand shoulder in such a manner as to prevent undue interference with the flow of traffic except when preparing for a left turn or when reasonably necessary to avoid conditions that would make it unsafe to continue along near the right-hand curb or edge. This is a summary of the two sections; please review the full Vehicle & Traffic Law sections for a more complete understanding. These laws can be found online. Thank you to Sheriff Virts for providing this information.

On March 15, Williamson lost a long time resident and past Town Historian, Chester Peters. Chester was the Town Historian for nearly half a century.  Our condolences to the family.  Chet was a great story teller and had a wealth of knowledge he was willing to share with anyone that asked.  He will be missed by his many friends and acquaintances.

Lastly, information may be obtained at the Middle School Learning Fair, on April 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. Larsen Engineers will have a table and personnel there to supply information for the Community based solar project.

The bridge on Salmon Creek Road, just north of Eaton Road, will be replaced over the summer. The Superintendent of Highways, Kurt Allman is estimating the project will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete.  It is projected to begin in late June.  We will publicize the closure dates when they are finalized.